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211119-211202 I am thankful, to my on-line connections, those who share beauty, wit, and wisdom, with me. I thank my allies, including God, for their love, and kindness, toward me. I am thankful, for the good health, which allows me, to endure, and recover from, or cope with, health challenges…

Writer's Block: Beyond Our Ken (Ghost House)

I do believe in the paranormal, and also in the fact that angels and demons can interact with the physical world around us. GHOSTS: As far as ghosts go, I belive that what most people encounter as true ghosts are nothing more than en echo of a past event in time; imprinted more heavily than…

My First Validation

For the first time in my life, I had no doubt that I had communicated with a person that had passed on. Like most people, I've had odd experiences that I couldn't easily explain throughout my life. This experience occurred a little over 3 years ago and solidified so many questions that I had…

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