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Художник Дмитрий Костылев " Ирис" бумага , акварель 30х26 см 2020 Приглашаю на занятия акварелью онлайн ( работа выполнена в процессе занятий) Тонкий ирис к солнцу ближе Тянет листьев оперенье, Ветер ласково их лижет, На траве играют тени, Сеть ажурную сплетая, Сеть из…

Esaias Boursse and the album of Ceylon sketches

Esaias Boursse (March 3, 1631 November 16, 1672), was a Dutch painter. His paintings were mainly genre works of quite good quality: ( Esaias Boursse, An old woman doing needlework, c. 1655/60, Institut Néerlandais, Frits Lugt Collection, Paris ) ( Esaias Boursse, 1656, Wallace…

A Room with a "View"

Finally finishing up my bedroom wall mural - considering I started off with "some purple over on that wall" and some kind for a stronger vertical presence. I'm pleased with how it came out, especially since I wasn't really sure what I was doing when I started in chalking lines on the wall. We plan…

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