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FIOF YInMn is the New Blue

Blue has always been one of the most difficult colours to make You've heard of True Blue, well here's a New Blue!! YInMn Blue pigment is a compound of Yttrium, Indium, and Manganese first discovered by accident in 2009 at the materials science lab of OSU’s Chemistry Department.…

Need more cutting flowers...

The weather is perfect today so I sat on the back porch for awhile. The tomatoes are blooming again after that big rain that took all the blooms the other day. We might get some tomatoes after all this year. Daughter-in-law got hold of my other grand daughter and invited them over to her hotel for…


Daughter-in-law and grand daughter from Austin made it over a bit before noon yesterday and we had a great visit most of the day. I could feel myself wearing out by the time they left. That was about an hour before dinner. I gave her the cactus puppies I had been saving for her and some photos for…

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