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TO BE ALONE OR TO FEEL ALONE? To be Alone and to feel Alone are two different Values / different states / different situations indeed. Most people who have, early in life, surrendered their own personal "Integrity of Being" to Co-Dependence of Other people's own…


MEANINGFUL STANDSTILL Most people in this Now & Here of our present times, Eastern Coast, USA, early in Spring 2020... Most people are finding very difficult to deal with the Standstill being caused, being imposed by this brutal, mostly sometimes survivable and yet at…

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Cruising a used bookstore in Concord, browsing the Pagan / Wiccan section for interesting titles I had one of those moments where you realize what you are doing isn't where you really wanted to be. Back in college I was very much into the green movement - I still am - except that I wanted to be…

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