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Samhain Altar and Self Worth

I finally set up my Samhain altar. Typically I like to set it up at the beginning of the month, but c'est la vie. This one was particularly powerful for me. Last weekend, I went to my stepmother's funeral. There's a lot of conflicting emotions there that I won't bore you with here. A rose from…

Full Moon Tarot

Hubby and I moved a few weeks ago. I was so excited to set up my altar for Mabon and feel like my room was mine in this new house. With Mabon coming up this week, my mind has been on most things witchy, so I definitely wanted to do a tarot reading for the full moon tonight. I even had a spread…

Litha a Few Days Late

I've seriously been slacking in all things spiritual. A and I got handfasted on Beltane. In all the busyness leading up to the wedding, I never took time to set up my altar, even though Beltane is one of my favorites to do because of the May Day pole. And since then? I just haven't done much.…

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