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Fanon Query

Oz-specific fanon query. Who can tell me about how "Victoria" came to be the fanon first name for Mrs. Beecher? It's been Victoria as long as I can remember (~2006) but I'm wondering where it originated. Mrs. Beecher is not given a first name on the show/in canon or on imdb or on durfee.net or…

Per Magi tradition

I've been going back through old Magi posts, tagging and doing general tidying, and I noticed that for several years, Wishes did not go live on January 1st, "as per Magi tradition." Now, I'd always thought that the reason Wishes went live on New Year's Day was because oz_magi was…

I keep forgetting this thing exists.

Starts with an L. (Ends with a double s.) Miguel/Ryan. Oz Magi gift for dustandroses. "What do you want," he doesn't quite ask, not expecting an answer. "I don't know," Alvarez whispers. "But I know what I don't want." All In The Moves Miguel/Ryan. Oz Magi gift, also for dustandroses. Miguel…

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