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Oz Drabble Tree XVI

Indeed, forsooth, 'tis our _sixteenth_ Oz Drabble Tree! No idea why I'm talking like an extra in a Shakespearean play. Join in! Oz Drabble Tree Comes on Little Cat Feet ozsaur has written a post-666 ficlet to start everyone off! ENJOY :D This entry was originally posted at…

Femslash February - OZ & Hockey RPF (USWNT)

CAFÉ - OZ (Diane Wittlesey/Gloria Nathan) “Feel like going out for a cup of coffee?” Gloria asked. Diane looked from the cup of coffee in her hand to Gloria’s hopeful face. “Okay,” Gloria backtracked. “Maybe not coffee. Maybe like a sandwich or something. Like lunch?” “I bring my lunch,” said…

Magi Recs!

Now that the reveals are out, I wanted to rec some of my favorite fics from this year's OZ Magi. Simple Pleasures by colleendetroit - This OZ fic about Rebadow and Busmalis breaking out of Oz is bound to put a smile on your face. Full disclosure, this was written for me and it's just…

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