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I keep forgetting this thing exists.

Starts with an L. (Ends with a double s.) Miguel/Ryan. Oz Magi gift for dustandroses. "What do you want," he doesn't quite ask, not expecting an answer. "I don't know," Alvarez whispers. "But I know what I don't want." All In The Moves Miguel/Ryan. Oz Magi gift, also for dustandroses. Miguel…

Femslash February - OZ & Hockey RPF (USWNT)

CAFÉ - OZ (Diane Wittlesey/Gloria Nathan) “Feel like going out for a cup of coffee?” Gloria asked. Diane looked from the cup of coffee in her hand to Gloria’s hopeful face. “Okay,” Gloria backtracked. “Maybe not coffee. Maybe like a sandwich or something. Like lunch?” “I bring my lunch,” said…

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