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Double Drabble: Late Again

Title: Late Again Author: badly_knitted Characters: Jack, Owen, Suzie, Tosh. Rating: G Written For: Challenge 569: Late at tw100. Spoilers: Nada. Summary: Jack isn’t happy with his newest recruit; Owen had better shape up fast. Disclaimer: I don’t own…

Fic: No Remedy

Title: No Remedy Author: badly_knitted Characters: Jack, Ianto, Lisa, Owen. Rating: PG Spoilers: Cyberwoman, maybe Fragments. Summary: Jack knows the devastation of loss and grief all too well. It can’t be cured, merely accepted and endured. Word Count: 1278…

Fic: Ianto’s Strange Day

Title: Ianto’s Strange Day Author: badly_knitted Characters: Ianto, Jack, Owen, Tosh, Gwen. Rating: PG Spoilers: Nada. Summary: On a mission out into the countryside to deal with a bunch of aliens who are up to no good, Ianto finds himself having a very strange day.…

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