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Best Hiking Trails in Colorado

Best Hiking Trails in Colorado — Chris Plaford Of all the activities to do in Colorado, one of the most popular is hiking. As a result, there are many high-quality hiking trails to choose from. Longs Peak Among the most challenging trails to hike is the Keyhole Route of…

The Best Outdoor Adventures in North Carolina

The Best Outdoor Adventures in North Carolina — Chris Plaford Outdoor activities are great releases from the stresses of everyday tasks and conflicts. These activities are significant because they unite people’s spirits with the beauty and comfort found in nature. The American…


Yesterday was the first field day I've led in awhile at work. I had one of the summer students with me.It got some stuff done but wasn't super productive; we're learning to estimate lengths and diameters from 7.5cm to 50m or so in various configurations which requires lots of guessing then…

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