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They Ruined my OTP: Spock/Uhura (pt2)

Someone in a Star Trek group on FB asked: What Star Trek character do you most identify with and why? My reply: Uhura. Why? Because I keep seemingly attracting unemotional , robotic, narcissistic personality disorder Vulcans. They are all so Spocklike. I had three exes identify with Spock. Now,…


솔지피셜 8월에는 5명이서 일본에 올것 Solji said that OT5 will come to Japan in August— Sub_Leggo Ent. (@exid_leggoent) 27. Juni 2018 Earlier this day, EXID had their Japanese Debut Showcase "Exceed In Dreaming" in Tokyo. During the showcase, the girls called Solji and Solji said OT5 will come to Japan…

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