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Hello all, I really hope someone can help me with this, thought I know there isn't much to go on. I think it's an original fic, but it could be a fandom AU. In any case, it's set in a medieval, fantasy world. There are two friends, both nobles and I think with magic, who are…

The Viper's Scheme - Chapter 36

Fandom: Original Genre: Fantasy Pairings: M/M, others Warnings: Slavery, violence, abuse, rape, dehumanization, humiliation, punishment; WIP Other Themes: Betrayal, Hurt/Comfort, trust issues, prejudice and bigotry, oppression Rating: Adult Word Count: about 5360 (and around 205k in total so…

A1368G's Day In (A1386G X)

Author: FMannerly Story title: A1386G's Day In (A1386G X) Rating: Semi-explicit Configurations: M/f, F/f. Warnings: Semi-explicit sex. Word Count: 4014 Word Count (Publisher): 5793 Summary: A1386 spends another day around the condo, and people talk. Feedback: Any Criticism will be accepted…

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