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an update

I can't believe that it's been over ten years since I opened this account. To those of you who have followed me through various phases and social media accounts -- thank you. Thank you for sticking with me as I traverse this crazy perplexing world and re-evaluate my own life and how I…

The Viper's Scheme - Chapter 40

Fandom: Original Genre: Fantasy Pairings: M/M, others Warnings: Slavery, violence, abuse, rape, dehumanization, humiliation, punishment; WIP Other Themes: Hurt/Comfort, trust issues, prejudice and bigotry, betrayal, oppression Rating: Adult Word Count: about 5140 (and around 234k in total so…

Reposting The Red Braid to my AO3 Account!

I used to update my story "The Red Braid" here, years ago, as I serialized it on my LJ (that I am not really using anymore) but it has since gone through a major revision, and so I am serializing it again, one chapter a week, over at AO3. I've posted twelve chapters, so far. Title: The Red Braid.…

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