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Update before bed...

So.. today was my first day at NAU. Around 10:30am I got a call from the other job I had applied for (the really heavy duty developer position) and they were really sad. It turns out that the guy that was communicating with me about the position was having problems with his email and he didn't know…

Thoughts of childhood

So...someone posted something up on damnportlanders and mentioned something about the Kiteman. God help me.. but I remember those commercials. It was this PSA type thing from the power company (PGE I think?) on Portland TV. It was all about kite flying safety and it had this goofy guy…

Ward Off the Gloom

Cherry Blossoms at Lake Nike Nike World Headquarters It’s been a Bad Week in Oregon. However, I’m one of the lucky ones – I still have a job, and I’ve been able to work from home all week. Tomorrow (Monday), Oregon’s governor is set to announce a new range of important Stay at Home…

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