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The Apocralypse may be coming (Terry Pratchett reference)

I may be spelling it wrong too... Anyway... I don't have ONE ear infection, that's old hat. I have TWO ear infections. No wonder my head is ringing like a bell and I'm dizzy like I've been on one of those teacup rides at the carnival all day. But that's not why Binky and Death…

All Persons not Interested in Onew, Please Ignore This Post

for your own health, happiness and well-being. Stay well back from the freak out about to occur. *giggle, cough* Note the new confidence. The swagger if you will. The smirk. My hormones all go... fuuuuuuck. *sigh* This picture is practically an illustration of omfg, I hate you so much,…

Happy Easter!

This message brought to you by seriously the most adorable boy/man/person on the planet. Be still my inner teenager heart!

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