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One Piece Roleplay Request [06/02/2020]

Hi there! I've been roleplaying for quite the years now! I've only been doing it with one person comfortably, so its been a while since putting myself out there to others! Hopefully I find some that will work out with! I'm going to put some rules, though hopefully it won't look too intimidating!…

ZoSan!!! on Ice 01

ZoSan!!! On Ice By The Chichi Slaughter House Warnings: ZoroxSanji (we’ll get there), many many attempts at humour, romcom (I guess???), post-timeskip but not specific, POV changes between chapters, TCSH bullying ZoSan out of love. Other warnings will be added per chapter, should they be…


Illusion By The Chichi Slaughter House Warnings: LawxSanji (sorta), LawxCorazon (implied), everyonexSanji (implied), Sanji POV in which Sanji’s kinda dense. Disclaimer: One Piece belongs to Eiichiro Oda. Rating: G A friend requested LawSan on the dialogue prompt thing and this is what…

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