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one piece

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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning By The Chichi Slaughter House Warnings: ZoroxSanji, post-ts, fluff, teasing. Disclaimer: One Piece belongs to Eiichiro Oda. Rating: G Another of those “gimme a dialogue prompt and I’ll write around it” things that I offered to my mutuals on my private twitter over a year…

All That Glisters

All that Glisters By The Chichi Slaughter House Warnings: ZoSan, age gap (40x19), time bullshit, dream stuff, sexy times (frotting mostly), BDSM with a D/s semi-switch relationship (with older Sanji, obviously)… what else… oh, you get it. You’ve probably seen my bullshit before, right?…

Salt, spray, and sea

Greetings, ghouls and fools. My name is Beck; A 20-something goblin of the she/her/they/them variety. Like many of us, I’m stuck working from home and looking for a good RP to fill my time. Working from home leaves me a pretty flexible schedule. I vary from replying every day to a few times a…

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