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While I Am At It....(Not safe for work fan art!)

Better post the two pics I finished recently. They were both real quickies to finih less than a day tops! Hook Belle, they are part of a very naughty and sexual sequence! Almost forgot to mention these are real old ones that sat around unfinished for a couple a years. Feels good to have them…

Hook Belle Bridal Budoir (Work safe fanart!)

My one and only pic for February. Hook Belle, how I've missed this couple! I was really dreading trying to shade this pic though....especially the light blue part of her white dress, the ruffles just seemed overwhelming to me...X_X I finished this late last night, like four in the morning late,…

Once Hook Belle The Lagoon (Not safe for work pic)

I finished this one four or five nights ago, but things have been hectic, and I am just getting around to feeling like positng now. As for the pic, it's a real oldie, probably the lineart dates back to like 2014 or 2015. Only just colored it last week in 2019. XD I tried to put lines on the bushes…

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