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Popslash Fanvids

Hey all! I'm new to this comm and LJ in general (or at least, I haven't had an account since a decade ago) I really like making fanvids and I've been wondering whether there'd be enough footage out there to make an Nsync slash one (mainly I need footage with touching, eye contact, cute or fun…

Lance & Joey and more stuff

Lance & Joey sing Backstreet Boys. Cute! They look like they're having a lot of fun together. Lance & Joey sing Bye Bye Bye on what appears to be a gay cruise...LOL. So, I've said before, Joey's voice is the most difficult to pick out. I can usually pick out everyone else's...And after…

Them guys

So after brandywine28's recent post, I was thinking it has been way too long since I listened to Chris sing. So I found this, This I promise you - Chris and Richard Marx. Then I found this, This I promise you - JC and Richard Marx. And then I came across this, This I promise…

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