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Monthly entry - March 2021

March...month of change, it seems. I sign a contract for a new job, my boss quits and leaves from one day to the next, leading to my colleague and I being extremely busy with our projects AND the fallout. A friend who moved to the US years ago shares her plans to return with her husband and kids.…

2020 Yearly Favorites

So, it's the end of the year, and I decided to round up favorites from all of 2020. Most of us can agree it was a stressful and painful year. And while sometimes it feels like hobbies and “fun” activities don’t matter in the midst of anxiety and loss, they do. Stories,…

August 2020 Favorites

Well, it's monthly favorites time again. It's been a busy month, with lots of editing and other stress. I've been obsessing over various manga and anime lately. I finished the Sweet Blue Flowers manga. The Sailor Moon manga continues to be great. And the Fruits Basket manga continues to…

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