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Lets get this straight...

no one forced you to kiss all the innocent demons -- baby, as in brat. 100 percent brat. Thats what the back-button is for. I don't owe you a story especially for you. How egotistical are you that he would even want you? Think everyone wants you fictional and otherwise? You even tried to make me…

If I can't get this pushy moron from way back when that wants me to cross over from NC and take his hand that was invading all the forums to convert women to Christianity and make them a bunch of dogs... What happened was these Amanda fans joined way back when and they were able to get the best…

"NC isn't understanding that he isn't skating ...

on thin ice with 100 other mutants at the mansion." Why are they skating on thin ice? And you just decided to look into it? Your words. You could not get it and you admit you didn't know it? That NC wasNT the only "mooch?" "We didn't know the super rich needed to help out the ugly masses." I…

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