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Koyama Keiichiro

Hello~ こんばんは~ I'm back... Back? Bring Back the Summer!? Yes, do you know this song? For NEWS fans definetely already known this song. It is on the track #2 at NEWS lastest single, "Ikiro" also known as 「生きろ」。 LOL what is this opening... Okay for not too long, like the title of…

SELL POST: Arashi, NEWS, J-Friends

Hello!!♥ I have some Arashi&NEWS goods to sell. Please feel free to send me an email (liguoriale@libero.it) a PM or comment here for more info and photo 😀 ★Shipping: Worldwide (from Japan) 【the shipping is not included in the price】 ★Payment: PayPal ★Price: USD / EURO Please click…

news strawberry lyrics review

finally read the translation of news'15th anniv song!!! 😍😂😂😂😂💕💕💕💕💕💕 i'd like to compile their other written lyrics “Share”: [ 同じ星が今見えるなら僕らはただそれだけでいい] ( If we are all seeing the same star now, then for us it’s fine the way it is now ) “愛言葉〜てをひいて”: [ 同じ星が今見えるならただそれだけで] ( If we can see the same…

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