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You just imagine it all

I couldn't find out through a Google search when my usual department store haunts would debut their holiday windows, but fortunately channel 2 news airing right before The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Thursday let me know that Bergdorf Goodman and Bloomingdale's just did their unveiling so I…

Monday, Only More So, week 2

My neurosurgeon's office that lost my March 2007 MRI films may also have lost the CD they ordered to replace it. I went into the city this morning to pick up my October 2006 MRIs on CD. It was an hour-long commute, with another hour to return home, for something that took five minutes to complete.…


I am worried about something new. Wednesday night I started having a ringing in both ears, worse in the left, and a bit of that feeling in the base of my skull connecting them. I went to bed earlier than usual since I felt like crap and hoped I could sleep some of that off. That didn't work, and I…

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