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I Reject This Canon to Institute My Own

The Legion season two finale was awful, with the worst being everyone going OOC and having some of the characters deciding that because David is mentally ill he's evil but there's so much else wrong here. (I'll give you a TW heads-up the episode didn't.) I thought maybe the plot points were…

Into the Night, Into the Mind

Around 1 a.m. Tuesday I went out for a long, two-hour walk (about 2.3 miles) under a sky so clear I could actually see a lot of stars, even a few patches of the less brilliant ones that look like tiny, vague pinpricks, rare for my part of Queens. Beautiful, and it brought me some joy. With the sun…


Today BBC America aired a clutch of great old X-Files episodes today--"Folie à Deux," "Drive," "Monday," and "Bad Blood" (I wasn't as enthused by "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas" and "The Post-Modern Prometheus," the last of which I always thought was overrated)--reminding me how good the show, my…

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