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new york city

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My Baby Takes the Morning Train

Another Monday morning commute courtesy of New York City transit. I had some giant nutcase in an Undertaker T-shirt with a damaged, gravelly voice muttering, "I'll scare the hell out of you. I'll work.... Your father. I'll scare the hell out of you, bitch. I'll scare the hell out of you...." I sat…

Tonight she comes

I managed to log a ton of mileage since Wednesday evening. Wednesday evening I drove Miss V to a friend's house in a part of New Jersey I hadn't visited before, in a northern part of Jersey I don't frequent. Even by my old road standards it was a long trip, especially since I'd be returning home…

To bump when you stroll through in your hood

When it's 83/28.33 degrees at 3 a.m., I don't want to see a window display series featuring mannequins wearing knits. I felt hotter just looking at them. What were you thinking, Saks Fifth Avenue? (The current heatwave here is destroying my body. I'm slower and weaker, and my head is often…

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