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new york city

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I’ve Seen the Light, Whoops, Never Mind

At about 10 pm my roommate and I heard yells and whoops from outside. Our power is back, hopefully for good. We’re still not opening the fridge or freezer for a while though, because even with the 30 pounds of bagged ice we bought and put in them today things were getting warm. Hopefully they’ll…


The storm knocked our power out at 2 pm and it’s still out. I started the day off with a massive headache from the storm, but I still have it hours later. Heat and dehydration maybe, since we’re trying not to open the fridge much. At least I have a charged-up battery charger for my phone. You…

I'm Trying Not to Stare

The first time I heard this song-- "If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know)" by the 1975--on the local alternative radio station it turned my head around for how 1980s it sounds. So many '80s ingredients... then at a point further in came the last perfect '80s ingredient to put it over the top. +++ With…

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