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Bright Lights, Big Pity

Given how much sleep I've needed lately, to get things done I try to strike while I'm alert. That led to me driving into Manhattan around 5:30 am Sunday to see if any of the Chinese New Year window displays I expected were still up. They weren't, but I did catch some interesting stuff, maybe…

Can You Feel It

dine said that the Icon Meme is going around so if you'd like commentary on any of mine, please feel free to pick a few. +++ It's so cold here lately that I dressed even my Pokémon GO avatar warmer, because looking at her made me feel chillier. With the wind chills included, today it's been…

In Your Head

About a week ago an incident at a power plant in Astoria, Queens led to a massive bright blue glow in the night sky visible for miles (some photos available here) that led to fear and confusion, a blackout at a local airport that led to a lot of trouble for flyers, and people suspecting terrorists…

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