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new orleans

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Weathering this Storm

DAY EIGHT I haven't been posting, mainly because nothing has changed for me. I am still skulking around my home, waiting to hear whether I am safe from elimination or will I be put out. I have sent applications in for various services, food stamps, and jobs. Waiting to hear back. I have not left…

Last Day

My last day in New Orleans Halloween 2019. * * * No visit to New Orleans at Halloween is complete without a quick graveyard tour. The graves are amazing because the swamp makes it hard to put coffins underground, and so bodies are placed in above ground tombs covered in famous statues. This year…

Voltaire Show

I made it to the comedy and music show of Voltaire in New Orleans for “Devils Night” 2019 the night before Halloween at The Goat Club. I am glad I got tickets online before the show. In addition I posted photos of the downtown area around the Garden District and Quarter. There was…

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