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Artistic Bender + Much Bitching

She opened up the shutter with a bottle of gin And said "Boy, boy lower your voice My dog can't sleep with all this noise! You see this beast sitting at my feet - My daddy left him to keep a watch on me..." It's 2.30am. I'm waiting for an undoubtably drunk and possibly singing/bruised/wasted…

Letters I should write....

Dear Mr Beardsley, I have always admired your art. Currently I've been employed to draw two wedding invitations, one poster and seventeen illustrations in your stark aesthetic style. I'm hoping not to loathe your work by the time I finish. Right now, I'm sad to say, dear boy if you weren't dead…

When I sleep my neurons play odd games XIX...

I belonged to a Dynastic family of doom; there were ongoing power plays, differing factions and private armies. Also nanotech. (One dropped grenades of different coloured nanite goo (there was neon yellow and neon green - pretty sure there were other colours) anything inanimate the goo touched…

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