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May 2020 Favorites

Another month. More favorites getting me through it. I'm out of intros. Let's Plays: Playing video games is my favorite hobby. But over the years, I've also come to love watching other people play games. Whether it's watching someone sprinkle witty commentary over a game I love, a…


So after i don't know HOW many years and tries with the posted support email on the site, I finally got hold of neopets through their FB page. And I got my accoiunt back! The bank and SDC box are intact, but the gallery is empty. This is a small sad for me, as many of the things I rememeber…

Returning to Book One

Been working on some slight re-edits for Book One before I release it with the improved formatting. Nothing about the story is changing. No worries! Mostly just fixing mistakes I missed the first time. (Oops!) And a few small wording changes. And of course, the formatting to match Book Two. But I…

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