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NCIS drabble

Title: I'm Rubber, You're Glue Author: holdingwonder Characters: Nick Torres, Tim McGee Rating: G Challenge: 613 Stuck Word Count: 100 Summary: Nick is not a words kind of guy. Torres told McGee, "I stuck to him like a rubber band." McGee frowned. "You mean like glue," he…

NCIS drabble

Title: Too Much Time to Think Author: holdingwonder Characters: Timothy McGee Rating: G Challenge: 169 Timothy McGee Word Count: 230 Summary: Tim has a job to do. Episode Reference/Notes: See notes at the end. It made sense for him to be the one to go, Tim thought, as he drove…

NCIS drabble

Title: Classic Taste Author: holdingwonder Characters: Jimmy Palmer, Nick Torres Rating: G Challenge: 611 Original Word Count: 173 Summary: Sometimes, the original way is the best. Jimmy Palmer walked into the bullpen, where Nick Torres was rummaging through the contents of a…

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