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ART I did for Dragons are a myth by dont_hate_me01

I created this art for Dragons are a myth by dont_hate_me01 in November 2018. Thought I'd post it now (in other words, I'm a bit behind with posting!). I save a lot of images of NCIS characters, plus locations, crime scene shots and all sorts of extra "pix I just might need one…

Art for my fic Running with Scissors

Art by rose_malmaison Running with Scissors Rated : Mature Pairing : Gibbs/DiNozzo Summary : Tony goes undercover. It's dangerous but he knows his team is watching his back. Sort of. Tags: Competent!Tony, undercover, season 7, case fic, bad guys, running Length: 6…

NCIS drabble

Title: All You Need to Do Is Ask Author: holdingwonder Characters: Gibbs, McGee, and Torres Rating: G Challenge: 614 Alone Word Count: 400 Summary: Sometimes, the kids become the parents. McGee answered his cellphone, "Boss? We got a call out?" Gibbs huffed a breath, then…

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