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nathan fillion

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The Method Experiment - Chapter 21

Hey everyone, thanks for sticking this story out with me. I really appreciate each one of you, and if you're still here and willing to read more after this chapter, well...you're a little bit freaky and I love you for that! This Chapter is rated T for sexual themes (not explicit), and language.…

The Method Experiment - Chapter 20

I know it has been a ludicrously long time since I updated this story. I was reading back to chapter 7 or 8 which I posted at Christmas time TWO YEARS AGO! Oh well, I guess if you're still reading then you're just as silly as I am...and I LOVE you for that! <3 Peace and love and Seasons…

The Method Experiment - Chapter 19

Hi my friends, I hope you're still enjoying this story, even though it's taking me about a month between chapters! I'm still enjoying writing it and exploring Stanathan through this setting. There will be a few more chapters to come. Probably at least 3, and then I'll see where it takes me after…

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