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Via el_staplador Last time I traveled abroad: May 2019 - Cancún - wedding celebration for my friends David and Josh Last time I slept in a hotel: February 2020 - Lexington, Kentucky - wedding celebration for my big brother and his husband Last time I flew in a plane: July 2019, returning…

"Thank you for being a car"

Charmed by: picture books about mail-critters, including Angela Cronk's Monster Mail (disclosure: I'm one of the book's backers) and Marianne Dubuc's Mr. Postmouse books. Starting the month with: remembering how my iron works (oh hi, reset button) not remembering how to update my website…

scrapping along

Repeatedly staying up past 2 a.m. to meet deadlines exacts a price, which made itself known earlier today in my absent-mindedly tossing good pepper morsels into the compost pot instead of the to-be-pickled bowl, and not feeling up to fishing them out. It is okay. It was a 99-cent bag of…

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