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"not a word I wrote was going to last"

I was drawn into Christian Wiman's "He Held Radical Light" excerpt at Poetry Daily earlier today because I became curious about where he was going after calling a good chunk of another writer's body of work "flavorless as old oatmeal." But the part where I sat up straight was when my own dour…

running around like a clown on purpose

[Today's subject line is from Mika's We Are Golden."] Work out. Decide against buying fancy soap on sale. (Points to me.) Work. Swear at VPN fail. Clean. Correspond. Cook beef shanks with chicken and jasmine rice and assorted spices and frozen spinach. More cleaning. Extended chat with service…

I can't believe it's over...

I am still devastated from watching the last ever episode of Nashville on Friday! I was in floods of tears at the end -although it all ended happily for everyone, except poor Twig and Teddy Conrad, who seems to have been forgotten by the writers! I was thrilled that Avery and Juliette got back…

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