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Join me in Ninja hell

Hey! So first of all, I'm Remmi! I'm a permanently exhausted pigeon, possum loving girl with a wife and several fur kids. I work full time but always strive to get at least one reply out a day. I'm 26y/o My replies are usually between 3-5 paragraphs, bordering on Novella for heavier scenes. I'm…

anime 1x1 double roleplay [OCxCanon]

Hey! Q here — 23F, CST, email roleplayer. Looking for someone to double up on romance / action / drama roleplay(s) with me! My interests are My Hero Academia (Shoto Todoroki), Death Note (Matt), Naruto: Shippuden (Kiba Inuzuka), and Bleach. Willing to split fandoms — just ask and I'll be happy to…

Welcome to Ninja Heck

Heyya, I'm Andi (26, Fem, permanently exhausted Pigeon) and I'm looking for a Naruto RP, with settings any time pre-Boruto. Before we get ANY FURTHER, please Note: I have basic knowledge and understanding of what went on in the anime and Manga but it's been legitimate years since I've watched or…

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