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Dreaming about Raumati

1823 : This afternoon I dreamt of a bedroom that was a composite of the master room at Fields Parade and the last room I had at Raumati. In the dream, I awoke to see the double wardrobe doors opposite me wide open, but the door to the outside opened into the hallway of my old Raumati house. I…

Jobs, being wanted and not

This past month has been busy and wonderful as I was able to get a temp job at one of the local college libraries. Its been so good to be in a library and a community where I felt like I fit. Its an all woman's college, other librarians are great geeks and I knew they saw the good work I was doing.…

Weird doubts and dreams

I recently had possibly good news, I have a job interview on Thursday for a job that would only be for a month. Its through a job agency but could be a nice opening and a way to make some money before the school year gets going again. And there’s the constant thrum of anxiety about my sister that’s…

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