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so I did it - at 5.30am :)

No idea if I posted already... was not awake. and now I can edit as much as I want and fix up things AND finish because 50,334 came before the ending did hehe :)

2am on the 28th november...

missing my sissy (aint been around to talk to anyone much) missing my game... aint been around to play much but yay less than 9000 words to go... and so so must get there.

iz ded - plz send pie

so am behind, again and hoping to get to 30,000 words tonight. but am tired, exhausted and procrastinating (cuz yay?) have lost 4.5kilos which = 9.9208018 pounds in three weeks so yay. miss playing WoW, have been playing warcraft III cuz borrowed it from the library and it blows my mind... you…

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