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Isn't It a Crime?

I successfully wrote in here every day of October only to seriously break the habit in November. Part of the reason for that is my sleep and how off its been. I've been crashing by 9 pm and then waking somewhere between 2-4 am. I used to do my daily journal entry around 11-11:30 pm...so I…

The Interrupted Dream Zone...

I woke up about 7 hours ago from a weird dream. I meant to start this then, but since then I've watched some more episodes of Our Cartoon President had half of my sub, had some cereal, made the dry rub and put it on the ribs, listened to some music I wrote and some old Power Tab files from other…

Sapped Dreams

I decided to take a nap after that last entry. It was just supposed to be for an hour or so, but I got even more tired and fell back asleep instead of getting up when it went off. I missed my daily Nano update so my streak is broken. Sadness... Anywho... I had a dream. It was weird so I'll write…

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