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1. At what age did you start to get serious about writing? I’m not sure what I would say “serious” means to me. For years, I was very serious about writing fanfiction. But probably what most people would consider “getting serious”, was when I started writing Dreaming…

7 Most Influential Books

I was tagged by a friend to do a daily Facebook post about a favorite or influential book. I set up seven days of posts on my author page to honor my most influential books and series, and I thought I'd share my answers in a blog post as well. Links lead to Goodreads. (Little reminder that…

Facebook and Info Update

So, ever since my Step Brother, Cray, told me about Facebook, I've wanted to join it... just because. Because I have to be everywhere on the internet? To increase my chances of meeting Morgan? Who knows. Anyways... it wouldn't let me get one because I was underage and didn't have a school... evil.…

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