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You Know The Ring Without Knowing It

Well we already know of the Tolkien version of middle earth (Lord Of The Rings) based upon it, that is the original Norse and Icelandic myths, the film Apocalypse Now, the Bugs Bunny "Kill The Wabbit" and Game Of Thrones. Six ways you learned about Wagner's Ring Cycle without even…

In anarchy, people can't build and invest

Thinking of Charlemagne's conquest by the year 800, it was positive because anarchy was ended. In anarchy, people can't build and invest, because looters or small warlords will take too much -- tax at a 100% rate. This may be the source of the "Return of the King" myth: the land…

The Return of the King

This is an old meme; Tolkien certainly didn't invent it. It also showed up in Disney's "Lion King" recently. I wonder how far back it goes - maybe I can look in Wikipedia about it. Maybe it goes back to Charlemagne's conquest.

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