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Book 25 - Neil Gaiman "Norse Mythology"

Neil Gaiman "Norse Mythology" (Bloomsbury) In Norse Mythology, Neil Gaiman retells the Norse stories about the forming of the world, the creation of Yggdrasil and the Nine Worlds, how Odin lost his eye, how the gods got their treasures, Loki's children, Thor's journey to…

countless kalpas of practice

JPN ryakkō shugyō also know as kalpas of practice or many kalpas of practice Practice toward enlightenment over a period of countless kalpas (one kalpa being approximately sixteen million years according to one account). In the pre-Lotus Sutra teachings, enlightenment, or Buddhahood,…


diigo https://www.diigo.com/user/thalia_moirai?query=%23dionysus - see also Dionysian livejournal entry https://thalia-moirai.livejournal.com/3734757.html

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