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Wednesday has watered the lawn (it will probably rain now)

What I read Finished Someone Like Me which somehow I did not get on with as well as the other Careys I've read: possibly it's in that genre of 'psychological thriller/horror' that is just not my thing. Well-written, etc, but not quite my thing. More Delafield short stories, the play, To See…

Wednesday is, I gather, Diwali

What I read Some more Delafield short stories. Barbara Hambly, Cold Bayou (2018) - found it took me a while to get up to speed with this, partly because it started with a largish group of assorted characters with history with one another assembling in a remote location, but it was really good.…

Books read, October 2018

Here's what I read last month: Heroine's Journey - Sarah Kuhn The Breakers - Marcia Muller Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, March/April 2018 The Panda's Thumb - Stephen Jay Gould * Six Cats a Slaying - Miranda James Lay of the Land - Seanan McGuire (short story) *I think this is a re-read, but it's…

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