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Shuffle Time

Inspired by the latest episode of Popcorn Culture, I've decided to tell you my next 5 songs shuffled. I actually use shuffle more than playlists, and I love doing these challenges. I would argue that my music taste is among the most random out there, but my songs didn't really show that.…

Getting It Done

Has anyone else felt that their iPhone battery loses its charge much faster since the newest update to the iOS? +++ I bought Coolhaus' Chocolate Molten Cake ice cream today, which is gluten-free, so chocolatey, very rich, and delicious. It's chocolate ice cream with cake truffle pieces and a…


Everything is still late: Film When CGI Won't Cut It: 6 Realities Of Being A Movie Monster - http://www.cracked.com/personal-experiences-2322-you-cant-pee-in-costume-realities-being-movie-monster.html How real-life tragedy can alter the course of films and TV -…

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