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The December block of my bujo

The December page of my bujo, I have decided, will be a collection of all the MST items I watch in one year. I've wanted to do this anyway, so now it can be done! Different colors of ink help break the lines apart to some degree. I bought some little dot stickers to rank them from 1 (crap) to…

I have a bullet journal!

Huxrin decided to try journaling and/or bullet journaling, and the package she decided on had 2 journals in it. Therefore she told me: "If you pick out some themes, I'll do art for your bujo and you can dress up the rest of it." Which is cool, because if she starts it, I can do the rest, right?…

Finally accessing MST Season 12

Mostly because we got a free month of Netflix again, so we're going to use it. Some of you may remember that I was not super enthused about Season 11 / nu-MST. They talked too fast (it's not a race, guys) and the movies/jokes got better as the season went on. I questioned the need for that giant…

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