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I have a bullet journal!

Huxrin decided to try journaling and/or bullet journaling, and the package she decided on had 2 journals in it. Therefore she told me: "If you pick out some themes, I'll do art for your bujo and you can dress up the rest of it." Which is cool, because if she starts it, I can do the rest, right?…

Finally accessing MST Season 12

Mostly because we got a free month of Netflix again, so we're going to use it. Some of you may remember that I was not super enthused about Season 11 / nu-MST. They talked too fast (it's not a race, guys) and the movies/jokes got better as the season went on. I questioned the need for that giant…

AMA #3: What is your favorite tv and/or movie genre?

From ringsandcoffee: What is your favorite tv and/or movie genre? Comedy. Smart comedy, usually. I mean, I like MXC and that's pretty crass and vulgar in terms of the language, but damn are they good at wordplay and puns in the process. Same thing for ERB, when you get down to it. I still…

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