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Ideal Situation, No Commitment

I think it is strange how you go from deny everything to suddenly recalling all the tiny details and numbers once the coast is clear. My life has changed considerably since we first met. Your ideas are always welcome but I was under the impression that I would be able to count on you despite the…

Why I Want to be Rich

I like money, a lot. I seem to have a natural affinity for it, which is all right by me, because I want to be rich. Not rich like Bill Gates or Oprah or some celebrity. I just want to be rich. I want to be that little old lady who everyone loves, but because she lives in such a small house in such…

Weird closed shop on the train

I am opening up the storage hallway for community suggestions. Tough weekday warriors were never a confirmed affair until people started driving in and parking. Pantomorphic distractions abound at the Academy. What else did the enthusiastic geezer witness? That there exists no end to the…

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