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Sekura Ejo (3/?)

1 | 2 | In the morning, Renaud woke as usual with Charlie somehow magically in Renaud's bed, smooshing him into the wall. Charlie's limbs were octopused around Renaud's body, trapping him there with Charlie's morning breath softly blowing into Renaud's face. He sighed, also as usual, and began…

Sekura Ejo (2/?)

Part 1 Soon the familiar roof of their destination peeked out between two buildings. Hanging off the crumbling stone walls of their current residence and workplace was a worn wooden sign declaring the presence of the Prufrock Inn in wobbly cursive. It was the work of the local — often drunk —…

Sekura Ejo (1/?)

A/N: Posted this before, then had to edit to fit with a change I made. Warning that this is a very definitely gay story. His thoughts flowed smooth and slow as syrup. Cold metal chilled his bones, seeping through thin clothes he didn’t remember putting on. His lids were heavy and resisted his…

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