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family stuff :(

Vicky is going through a really painful breakup (one of those things where neither party did anything wrong or fell out of love but there were incompatible needs, which are in some ways the worst) and is messed up and guilty and lonely and also worried about her former partner who has been... uh...…

Star Island: Day 7 (planning)

Today's to-dos: -breakfast, lunch, and dinner at appropriate times; clean up afterwards -make initial post in weekly child psych discussion forum once Prof. S opens it ETA: Prof S. did not open the forum :( -read paper for child psych annotation…

Star Island: Day 6

Continuing my Star Island chronicle... :) Mom and Dad left this morning -- the plan was to pull out from the dock at 8:30am, but in the event they didn't get underway until just before 9:30. And now I am alone on the island for at least the next twenty-four hours, until Vicky arrives sometime…

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