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Steve Reich

I am in a minimalist mood, and this is for Jon who does not know of the composer. Steve Reich - Variations For Strings, Winds, and keyboards Complete recording by the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Edo De Waart in 1983 of the Steve Reich masterpiece. Available on the Philips…

Tuesday Musical Selecta by Jazzy D

Time for some music methinks - and an eclectic mix of genres i love. Matmos - Roses and Teeth for Ludwig Wittgenstein An awesome concept album from them found yesterday at MVE Notting Hill. Tony Allen - Morose Also found yesterday Perotin - Alleluia nativitas Jack Nitzsche -…

Glass / Partch/ Xenakis

Today i have been in a modern classical mode for most of my listerning period. So here are some i played - Philip Glass - Music In Contray Motion Live recording by Ensemble 0 at l'Atalante, Bayonne (France), 10 December 2011. Photo by Gabrielle Duplantier. released August 7, 2012…

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