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A quickie-even-for-flashfic for the 3 sentence ficathon: Three Sentences: Hold The High Ground. (64 words) by Lanna Michaels Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Highlander: The Series Rating: Not Rated Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Characters: Methos Additional Tags: Microfic, 3 Sentence Fiction…

Fic: An Unbearable Lightness; 1/1 [G] TW/HL/DW crossover

Title: An Unbearable Lightness Author: Aeron Lanart Fandom(s): Highlander/Torchwood Characters: Jack Harkness, Siannon O’Niall. Mention of other Highlander and Whoniverse characters. Rating: Gen Warnings: Children of Earth compliant Disclaimer: BBC own Torchwood and the Whoniverse,…

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