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Panny in Slacks

She was Dor, plain Dor, in the morning, standing barrel thick in the kitchen in her babushka. She was Panny in slacks. She was Dorrie at school. She was Dora during psychotherapy with the good doctor. But nestled in my arms, she is my Russian Nesting Doll... I was back at the mathquarium this…


You came in to this world with enough light to find your way out of the dark, enough kindness to save a soul, enough love to shift a planet. Don't worry, you are enquipped with all you could ever need. Look with in, you are drenched in magic. alexis karpouzos poetry, creative…

We are a short poem - alexis karpouzos

We are a short poem in a endless emptiness page, words are lighthouses that ignites and struggle to deliver light to the dark edges of the infinite, and mystic sounds struggle to give voice to the unlived beings, to bore a young soul to the gate of birth. Alexis Karpouzos Author of…

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