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OK, this is still bugging me so, yeah, a post about it. In last week's Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the B plot was Amy trying to organize the main characters's desks mostly against their will. 1) The answer to "you can't keep this personal possession at work since there's no space for it" is not "throw…


I am dealing with Editing Hell, so, movies! Free Solo: watching this was a testament to recommendations and also press tours. I didn't have an interest in seeing it, but then I saw recs that told me that it wasn't what I thought, and I watched some press tour stuff that made it more clear…

Catching up on Steven Universe

I've caught up on Steven Universe! The one advantage to being 2 years behind is that this show is very short and airs very rarely so catching up didn't take too long. Although catching up meant diving right in with so much Lars stuff. Apparently it is possible for me to be MORE hating Lars, wow.…

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