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Merlin bingo card M2045 Jan-June 2022

I started this in Jan. Was finished by June. I was busy! M 2045 M1 – Execution – Cold Iron chapter 1, https://archiveofourown.org/works/39585807/chapters/99091947#workskin, PG-13, Balinor was a fool trusting that all would be right in the end. For Uther was a tyrant and the prince a…

So I've been writing a LOT.

So I signed up for Merlin bingo earlier in the year and was able to do a blackout (25 squares)! Now, I'm working on camelot drabble bingo and am this close to a blackout of 25 squares there, too. I had to finish them in July so I've been posting things twice or three times a day (I…

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