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Gladiator - Merlin ACBB 2019

Title: Gladiator Author: clea2011 Artist: lfb72 Pairings/Characters: Arthur/Merlin Rating: Mature Word Count: 115k Warnings: Graphic violence, attempted rape/non-con. Disclaimer: We don't own the characters, the BBC do Author's notes: First of all please…

A couple of short fics.

Am catching up on my story posting. Title: Word of the Day Rating: PG13 Pairing/s: Merlin/Arthur Character/s: Merlin, Arthur Summary: Arthur’s not really into words of the day but Merlin certainly was. And with the right motivation, even a simple word could turn wicked. Warnings: none…

Vid amnesty: In Your Eyes (Merlin)

I'll probably change my mind about this later, but until then, here's an unfinished Merlin vid that was almost a full draft when I abandoned it several years ago. I'd planned to go back and do more stuff to it and finish it someday, but that isn't going to happen. Today tho, I felt like I wanted to…

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