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mental illness

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Conflicting messages

Things people have told me regarding me mental health in the past 7 days: "You seem fine" "Your psychiatrist wants to see you sooner than August, can we get you in tomorrow?" "I mean if they (your current mental health team) isn't working out for you we can help you" "You're doing so much better"…

Social disadvantage

I often rant here about the stigma of mental illness. I get very upset, because it affects my daily life. It doesn't always feel like I am treated as an equal no matter how nice to me people are. Even if the people in my daily life are good to me, I hear horror stories about how the cops treat the…

I reviewed some old entries, so there would be more public and friends only content. My depression scares me. I'm doing something about it, but I hope it is enough. It certainly doesn't feel as heavy as it once did. It gets tricky juggling all these illnesses at once. All of them are invisible, so…

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