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Bathroom Floor.

My first entry comes to you from the bathroom floor. I asked myself why I decided to sit here and do all this typing, and the first thing that came to my head, was 'everything happens on the bathroom floor'. It doesn't quite. But the worst did. It's no wonder I find solace on the bathroom floor,…

Being a borderline so out of routine.

Routine. Why is it so important and why do I struggle so much when I am out of routine? Questions inspired from a conversation with a friend earlier today. It's a tough one to try and figure out but I am sure that it is down to being a borderline, these days known as emotionally unstable. Since I…

Crystals and the Lord.

Jade (crystal): A gift given to me by a friend today, it's understood to possess calming properties and aides mental clarity, increases sense of belonging. It is also believed to help improve relationships with others. If herbal remedies are known to aid the body and our mind, then maybe so can…

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