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On second thought

I thought it through a little more, and arrived at the conclusion that I don't think I'm going to do anything today. We're still tired from that Reiser clown keeping us awake for the entirety of the night with his hopeless, desperate steering. We have food that we can eat in the apartment, like…


Ideally, we can live in one of Greta's homes in College Park, once we're both better again and when good fortune is on our side. That, or one of the cute streets off of Berryville Avenue or Valley Avenue. Valley Avenue is ghetto as hell, but we aren't above living in the hood again. It's not unsafe…

Productive day

I got a lot done, considering I woke up embarrassingly late in the day. We're restocked on candles like some shit. I'm excited to burn and pray on the new assorted candles that we have. All of them are scented, and I bought the rue prayer candles that I had my eye on today. They were almost out of…

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