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Zara was sprawled out on the bed when I went to bed, so yeah, it's the heat that's bugging her. I heard the guy working on the air conditioning, but he didn't knock on my door, and it's not fixed. He came back later and fixed it, but no one told me that it was fixed. I called the complex office,…

Another Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight

I marked all the yoga poses in the book for balance practice. Now all I need is air conditioning so that I don't melt. A friend on Facebook mentioned the Tori Amos song " Winter," and I think that I want to work on it for singing class. I ordered the sheet music for Little Earthquakes. I was…


I attended the Smithsonian meditation today, but had a bad case of "monkey mind". I was worrying about some work and personal stuff. I need to work on clearing my mind better (but worrying about not clearing my mind won't work!) I received my Italian Picture Dictionary and Coloring Book. I…

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