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My Best Friend's Mistake - A Scrub's Entry (S1:E3)

I'm sitting here in the AC, alone in my house (besides the dog, of course) after a few weeks of cottage days and camping at Hungry Horse with the family. While it has been fun, I am glad to have a day to chill. I have missed watching my Scrubs episodes and listening to Fake Doctors, Real…

we could just talk for a while

This is going to be an entry of random thoughts, in short spurts. I have a lot of random things in my mind that I will probably later go into, but for now it's just a basic list of the things rolling around in my head. 1. BLACK LIVES MATTER. I want to go into depth on how I feel about what…

My Mentor - A Scrubs Entry (S1:E2)

I didn't mean to take so long to get to the next episode, but online schooling, moodswings, and all sorts of other factors are coming in to play when it comes to me watching Scrubs. Besides, I've been busy watching Degrassi with Natalie, Storm Chasers with Sammy, and Parks and Recreation…

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