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matsumura hokuto

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SixTones's Lucky Item

❤️: Everything! I think everything could become lucky items everyday I am living luckily 💖: Pouch from Iwamoto, everyday I bring handcream and nail clippers in it Hokuto: When I am nervous, I always watch team Nacs DVD it’ll make me feel at ease : Nothing! I don’t have anything that…

Wink Up - February 2019

Juri 💙: If it’s about recent things, I can’t not talk about the junior Oda Shosei. I met him everyday ~ISLAND he is very cute. The other day it was his birthday I asked, “How old are you?” “12 years old” even though he is only 12 years old he’s able to…

Lemon's Magazines 2019/02

Hokuto: I like clothes so when I go out I have the intention of choosing fashionable outfits, but when I am home I’m living with lame clothes. My favorite is crayon shinchan sweat. I have 4 patterns so it’s okay to wash it! Juri: For 4 years, every christmas I would spend time…

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