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And a pistol that shoots

I did nothing but comics on my mathematics blog last week. On the other hand, I did it pretty well. Don't believe me? Read on: Reading the Comics, February 8, 2020: Delta Edition Reading the Comics, February 11, 2020: Symbols Edition Reading the Comics, February 14, 2020: Simple…

logic in France

In France, the discipline of logic has traditionally been ignored in university-level scientific studies. This follows, undoubtedly, from the recent history of mathe­matics in our country which was dominated, for a long while, by the Bourbaki school for whom logic was not, as we know, a strong…

Being Useful

Well, that was interesting. A graduate student in biology is studying the morphology of hawk beaks, and one of the elements of her study is their curvature. One problem has to do with the size difference between male and female hawks (females are 1.5-2 times larger), and she was wondering whether…

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