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Since a little interest was expressed (and it may be a break?)

The Great Immoral Massage Establishments Scandal of 1894 This is one of the lesser known hoohahs of the 1890s - I guess Dear Oscar pretty much overshadows everything else? including the Cleveland Street post-office messangers moonlighting as rent-boys shock-horror, the prosecution of Havelock…


Informed consent / prior negotiation / heasdspace / subspace I finally get, to a SMALL extent, why prior, informed consent and negotiation are important. I just remembered the one time I got an actual endorphin HIGH - and yes, I mean high - during a massage. I could not respond in an appropriate…

And this year's travel with mobile phone saga is -

Okay, it started as looking like that thing that happened last year when my provider kept telling me I needed to top up even though I had plenty of saved credit, which eventually popped up, but not until I had faffed around topping up - - but no, this was a new and different thing, whereby I…

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