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Captain Marvel and other things

I watched Captain Marvel on friday and it was great! I really enjoyed it. Some spoilery thoughts under the cut: I liked the entire look and feel of the movie. The colors, the clothes, the use of technology, it all just seemed right, if that makes sense. I liked that Fury and Coulson were in the…

It all blurs...

* I was going to try to do the 2018 Fandom Year in Review meme at some point but realized I couldn't remember for certain which fandoms were new this year or last, or think of what I'm looking forward to this year. I loved the 11th season of New Who, not just the 13th Doctor, but I was disappointed…

january brings all the gifts

As you can see with the reposting - I haven’t even caught up with Yuletide yet. O.o How did that happen? holly_poly revealed this weekend and I got two lovely gifts! Had My Head In The Sand (2407 words, Castlevania (Cartoon)) Rating: Mature Relationships: Alucard/Trevor…

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