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Karate Kid, RHPS, HS clique

How Well Do You Remember "The Karate Kid"? your result 100% You're a “Karate Kid” champ! You're the best around! No one's gonna ever keep you down! You are a “Karate Kid” fanatic through and through — and you're probably a child…

Which Ancient Warrior Would You Be?

You are a Samurai! You are quite skilled and competent. You're good with your hands and good at talking yourself out of a tough spot. You are not known for your ability to forgive. Actually more akin to Ninja, if that is even one of the possible results. Trained in Dux Ninjutsu, as well…

111 Questions

111 Questions 001:What is your biggest dream? Preserve a harem of nubile lovers. 002:What is the bravest thing you've ever done? Rescuing Alana from someone assaulting her as a Safety in 6th grade; chasing after purse snatcher. 003:Is it hard for you to show your feelings? Not to someone I…

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