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Map Addict

For anyone still here, I have just started reading Map Addict by Mike Parker, all about his fascination with maps and cartography, and I would definitely recommend it. He starts off talking about how he used to steal maps from shops as a child, and that's just the first chapter.

book meme but mostly links

pretend it's still wednesday. :D What I just finished reading: wake, siren which i overall enjoyed. some of the stories are set in classical greece, some are contemporary, and some i'm not sure where they're set. i was expecting most of them to be "he done me wrong" (which, since we're talking…

procrastinating like a mofo

one of the tax interns in new york sent two tax associates in boston each a box of tiny cupcakes today, to thank them for being so patient with her and teaching her EVERYTHING. the guys were a little surprised to get cupcakes but i think mostly surprised to have gotten anything. they shared. i may…

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