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it's too early to go to bed but man i just want to lie down

spent some quality time at work doing expenses, because this is apparently my life now, and rolled my eyes at a grad student who didn't bother to tell me he'd booked his own room for a conference until after i'd emailed the group and said "so i booked your hotel rooms for the conference...." and…

i am so full of food and fun

i have now failed TWICE to a. find the banana room and b. steal some bananas. i think i found it on wednesday and if i did it's more of a lounge, like where students can go to study, and there was... A STUDENT there. O.O last week was spring break so i thought it would be a great time to sneak into…

well we got some snow

...i'm not sure how much, tho. it snowed almost all day. it was fabulous. except for the fact that it's shark week in my house and i was unprepared, so i spent my lunch hour walking to cvs to resupply. there were a lot more sidewalks shoveled on my way home, so i didn't have to walk in the road.…

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