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good news, everyone!

it's been a while. >.< it's always been a while. but guess what happened while i wasn't updating! i got offered (and accepted) actual full time salaried employment where i work! so i won't be a contract employee any more! and i'll get *gasp* paid time off and paid holidays! and dental…

if i gotta go crazy i'm taking everyone with me

i hope my fellow americans had a relaxing labor day (happy labor day! from those swell folks who brought you the weekend :D ) and that the weather was good for enjoying it. my sister and i went to the decordova museum, because most of it is outdoors and you can bring food. so we picnicked and saw…

mostly tv, some history

today was the 75th anniversary of the us dropping the bomb on nagasaki, which i learned we did to show japan (and i guess the world?) that hiroshima wasn't a fluke, and if we could do it once, we could do it a second time. whether that's the real reason or not, i don't know. when you're learning…

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